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This is the reason the web site is late: 3 generations of Dobrotins in San Francisco Bay. We left in July, returned in Sept.

President’s Message for September

Fall is approaching quickly and we here at the Valley Center Democratic Club are ready to hit high gear. Much is on the horizon and we want you to know about the different activities and upcoming events.

First, I would like to give out a big “Thank You” for all who supported and worked on the North County Democratic Party Masquerade Casino Night. The event was a huge success and so much fun. The fund raiser netted $21,000 which will be used to elect Democrats in November. Thanks again for everyone’s work, support, donated items and attendance.

Friday, Oct. 7, 8-10am VCDC will sponsor the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce Sunriser monthly breakfast (waffles, coffee, juice)! Our theme is “Be sure to vote.” If you are available, please come and support our club, learn what the Chamber is all about, and meet some great people. Breakfast is free and is located outside the Chamber office next to CJ’s and the Deli at 29115 Valley Center Road. Hope to see you there!

October 11 and 12 the Roadrunner is having a Candidate Forum from 6-8 pm at the Valley Center Community Center. There are several Democrats who are running for local offices here in Valley Center: Ann Quinley, Mary Gaines, Bart Schwarz and Michael O’Connor. Be sure to attend and support our candidates.

Tuesday October 18, 6-8pm VCDC has tentatively scheduled an event at the Valley Center Library seminar room with San Diego County Dems for Environmental Action (http://www.sdenvirodems.com/) who will give a presentation on Lilac Hills Ranch and taking action to defeat Prop B on the November ballot. Also, Tom Cowan will provide information about the North County San Diego Veterans Stand-down (http://ncstanddown.com/) to be held in Vista on February 3-5, 2017. He will provide information on how you can become involved to help our veterans. We would like to have a good showing for these speakers. Please support the club by attending!

In October we plan to have a potluck social at Tanvir & Judy Manjur’s home. We are in the process of getting that planned out and will send out the details soon.

VCDC Board Elections: It’s time to think about our Board for next year. If you are interested in holding one of the club offices, please let us know. The Secretary position will be open. Please contact us if you can help!

November 5 from 10 – 2 the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce will have their 5th Annual Block Party and Business Expo, located at A-1 Irrigation. We will have a booth there and it is a great opportunity for you to come and support the local business here in Valley Center. There are free items given out from local business, food, it is a fun event and worth attending.

November 8th is Election Day and our club would like to share this historic occasion together at Dare & Everett Delano’s home to view the election returns. More information on this great event will be coming soon.

Judy Dobrotin
President, Valley Center Democratic Club

Upcoming Valley Center Democratic Club Events

Friday, Oct. 7, 8-10am

VCDC will sponsor the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce Sunriser monthly breakfast.

October 11 and 12

The Roadrunner is having a Candidate Forum from 6-8 pm at the Valley Center Community Center

Tuesday October 18, 6-8pm

Valley Center Library Seminar Room with San Diego County Dems for Environmental Action (http://www.sdenvirodems.com/)

November 5 from 10 – 2

Valley Center Chamber of Commerce will have their 5th Annual Block Party and Business Expo, located at A-1 Irrigation. We will have a booth there.

November 8th

Election Day and our club would like to share this historic occasion together at Dare & Everett Delano’s home

Who may vote?

A US Citizen

A resident of California

At least 18 years of age on or before the election

Not in prison or parole for a felony conviction

Not declared mentally incompetent by a court action

North County Masquerade and Casino Night!

This was a very sucessful event and worked out to earn (net) $21,000. This will give a big boost to North County Democtatic candidates operations. Pictures when they become available

Here are pictures of our last few events. Click and enjoy!!!!!!!!

Pictures of our June Social are here.

And here are the pictures ofWestern Days

Democratic candidates running in local districts:

For Congress, 50th Dist. House of Representatives: Patrick Malloy
Here is his web site.

Here are two of his press releases:

As a Surrogate for Donald Trump, Duncan Hunter Mocks His Own Constituents

Duncan Hunter, (R-CA) a surrogate and prominent member of Donald Trump’s campaign, has repeatedly slammed and dishonored veterans, women, minorities, and the disabled in his own congressional district,” Patrick Malloy, congressional candidate, said today. “Trump and Hunter are joined at the hip,” he stated.

In a letter to the Republican National Committee (RNC) this week, one hundred Republicans pulled their support for Trump and urged the RNC to do the same. Yet, during this same week, Politico, an online news source, carried an article written by Hunter wholeheartedly supporting Trump’s candidacy.

Hunter, as Trump’s surrogate, then has attacked: Gold Star families of soldiers who have died serving their country, mocked disabled veterans among others who are disabled, and spoke in disgraceful ways about minorities and women. Hunter has only praise for Trump and silence about Trump’s disgraceful statements,” Malloy said. “Silence is compliance.”

The incumbent also needs to explain why he uses his campaign financing fund as a personal ATM account: paying for video games; jewelry and travel in Italy; pricy private school lunches for his kids; expenses at Disneyland, Legoland, and Sea World; and vacations at a Hawaiian resort,” Malloy stated. “This is either sloppy or corrupt.”

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has recently launched two inquiries into Hunter’s campaign spending, and Hunter has hired a lawyer to represent him.

Malloy stated that he has “lost patience with this hurtful, and do-nothing Congress that does not meet even the basic needs of this District.” He is an independent voice who will represent all in the district.

Patrick Malloy, candidate for Congress in the 50th District, has challenged the incumbent, Duncan Hunter of Alpine, to two debates in October.

In a letter sent to Hunter on August 15, Malloy said there should be two debates. The first should be on veterans’ issues and the second on the economy and the environment because these issues are of top concern in the District, according to Malloy.

Malloy stated that the District deserves debates given a deeply divided America—an America that needs sharper clarifications and conversations than the 30 second TV ads or 140 character tweets will give us. In his letter, Malloy said that a neutral veterans’ group should host the debates and that civility and a sense of patriotism should be expected. Malloy teased the incumbent by saying that he would let him decide the dates and location given “the hectic Congressional agenda and Hunter’s busy schedule as a Trump spokesperson.” Malloy asked for Hunter’s response by Labor Day and expects a positive response given that Congress will be in recess in September and October.

For State Assembley, 75 District: Andrew Masiel

Valley Center, Pauma Valley, Pala and Palomar are in the following Districts, with the representatives indicated


President: Barack Obama*

Senate: Barbara Boxer*, Dianne Feinstein

House of Representatives, 50th Congressional District: Duncan Hunter, Jr*


Governor: Jerry Brown*

38th Senatorial: Joel Anderson

75th Assembly: Marie Waldron*


5th Supervisorial District: Bill Horn*

County Board of Education, 4th District: Mark Anderson (Dem)

Palomar Community College: Mark R. Evilsizer; Nancy Ann Hensch; Nancy C. Chadwick; Paul P. McNamara; John J. Halcón


Valley Center-Pauma Unified School: Mary Polito*, Pres; Jerry Fenton; Julie Stroh; Don Martin*; Jay West

Valley Center Fire Protection: Robert Polito; Oliver Smith; Steve Hutchison; William Palmer*; Weaver Simonsen*

Valley Center Municipal Water: Robert Polito*; Randy Haskell; Gary Broomell; Chuck Stone*; Dr. Merle Aleshire

Valley Center Parks & Recreation: Marcia Townsend; Jon Vick; Larry Glavinic*; Shannon Laird*

Valley Center Community Planning: Orrin Miller*; Steve Hutchison; Susan Janisch*; Michael O’Connor; Hans Britsch*; Claire Plotner; Ann Quinley*; Jon Vick: Jeana Boulos*; LaVonne Norwood; Oliver Smith*; James Garritson; Rich Rudolf*; Susan Fajardo; Eric Laventure*


* Office up for election