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President’s Message for November

This is not how I was hoping to address the November message but we have to deal with these terrible results and feel the loss of what we thought we were going to have.

That being said, I have to say kudos to all who have worked so hard on so many different issues because we have many positive results. Prop “B” was defeated soundly; great work to all who were involved.

The amount of work by all Democrats has paid off – there are now 108,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in San Diego County. Great job to all of us here in San Diego!!

This last year has been busy for Democrats from fund raising, registering voters, a major Latino outreach program and to poll watchers at multiple precincts throughout San Diego County. Everyone should take credit and pride for the great job accomplished to get voter turnout.

Looking toward our future goals - we need to work towards getting our California Legislature to change the loop hole that allows contractors to take local issues to a County-wide ballot.

But the goals for us on the VCDC Executive Board are to concentrate on local politics, local activities to better our community and to let you know what is going on in our area. In this way, we will lift the entire community up. An example of this was many of our members attended the Hell Hole Canyon Fundraiser on November 6 at the Melrose Ranch to raise money to purchase 400 acres of pristine habitat so animals will have a safe pathway to access the different lands where they live.

Next month we will send out an electronic ballot to all our members to vote for the new Board for next year. If you would like to be on the board, please let us know. Please join us at our next Executive Board meeting, Wednesday, November 16 at 4pm at the meeting room attached to the Country Junction Deli!

VCDC Board Elections:

Here is the list of people running for the Board:

President: Judy Dobrotin
Vice President: Laura Gordon
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Boris Dobrotin
Member at Large: Cheryl Vance
Member at Large: Carolyn McGraw
Member at Large: Benjamin Magante

In January the North County San Diego Veterans Stand-down (http://ncstanddown.com/) will be held in Vista on January 27-29, 2017. More information on how we can help in this event coming soon.

Judy Dobrotin
President, Valley Center Democratic Club

Who may vote?

A US Citizen

A resident of California

At least 18 years of age on or before the election

Not in prison or parole for a felony conviction

Not declared mentally incompetent by a court action


The VCDC contributed $100 to the Valley Center Community Hall Building Project. So what have they been doing? Well, the picture below shows the old light fixtures they're replacing since the stanchions are gone. Another way that the VCDC is helping our community.

Here are pictures of our last few events. Click and enjoy!!!!!!!!

Pictures of our June Social are here.

And here are the pictures of Western Days

Valley Center, Pauma Valley, Pala and Palomar are in the following Districts, with the representatives indicated


President: Donald Trump

Senate:Dianne Feinstein, Kamela Harris

House of Representatives, 50th Congressional District: Duncan Hunter, Jr


Governor: Jerry Brown

38th Senatorial: Joel Anderson

75th Assembly: Marie Waldron


5th Supervisorial District: Bill Horn

County Board of Education, 4th District: Mark Anderson (Dem)

Palomar Community College: Mark R. Evilsizer; Nancy Ann Hensch; Nancy C. Chadwick; Paul P. McNamara; John J. Halcón


Valley Center-Pauma Unified School: Mary Polito, Pres; Jerry Fenton; Julie Stroh; Bart Schwarz; Jay West

Valley Center Fire Protection: Robert Polito; Oliver Smith; Steve Hutchison; Jim Wold; Michael O'Conner

Valley Center Municipal Water: Robert Polito; Randy Haskell; Gary Broomell; Enrico Ferro; Dr. Merle Aleshire

Valley Center Parks & Recreation: Marcia Townsend; Jon Vick; Larry Glavinic; Shannon Laird

Valley Center Community Planning: Orrin Miller*; Steve Hutchison; Susan Janisch*; Michael O’Connor; Hans Britsch*; Claire Plotner; Ann Quinley; Jon Vick: Jeana Boulos*; LaVonne Norwood; Oliver Smith; James Garritson; Rich Rudolf*; Susan Fajardo; Eric Laventure*


* Office up for election Note: election results TBD